Careers with Höfler

We train apprentices in the following areas:

Agricultural machinery technician
Besides traditional machinery repairs and maintenance, we ensure skills are developed in engine diagnostics and modern sprayer mechanics. Prior knowledge about vehicle electrical systems and control technology are essential in addition to basic knowledge of the metal processing field. (Apprenticeship: 3.5 years)

Metal technology - metal construction technology
Besides methods like blades, welding, milling or riveting, as a metal construction engineer one programmes and uses technical equipment and machines (CAD = computer aided design for creating programs and drawings; CNC = computer numeric control for the execution). One produces metal constructions, window and façade elements. (Apprenticeship: 3.5 years)

Metal technology – vehicle construction technology
In this area one manufactures on-components for vehicles, installs brake systems and installs electrical and electronic equipment. For this purpose one learns to drill, weld, saw, solder or shift. As a vehicle construction engineer one co-operates closely with other specialists in the metal technology field. (Apprenticeship: 3.5 years.)

Operating logistics – office clerk (warehouse logistics)
Operation logistics office clerks are specialists in the warehouse logistics segment. Outside the usual tasks of the storage activities it includes also acceptance of goods and issue of goods to our customers, suppliers, forwarders or to our staff. (Apprenticeship: 3 years)

Office clerk
The tasks of office clerk focus on activities in the office, on administration and organization. They have a solid business and finance background and computer literate (intenet, office-software)
(Apprenticeship: 3 years)

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