Brief description of the company

We, the company HÖFLER INTERNATIONAL Ltd have been an active international company since October 2011. Our enterprise has grown from a family-owned business and has endeavoured to care for the well-being of its customers for over 60 years.

It is our aim to be able to offer our private, agricultural and commercial customers the best possible products and project conversions which do justice to their needs and requirements.

We work according to our company ethos: Our customers can rely on us!

Our most important aims and objectives are:
> the creation or safeguarding of customer satisfaction
> a customer specifically optimised programme
> motivated employees trained professionally
> Creating/maintaining a safe workplace

We also consider it an obligation to train young people to become young qualified professionals within our business and train 5-7 apprentices constantly. We reinvest our profits consistently into our company, whereby we are confident that we will be well prepared for future business and for our customers. We are future orientated and are keen to be your long-term preferred partner.

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